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My Story

Hello!  I’m Sarah Cuoco.

I hail from central California originally, where my parents moved when they first tied the knot. 17 years later they decided they wanted to move home to Western Colorado, so they packed us up and away we went. Even though I spent 20 years in South Dakota since then, this has always felt like home. And it’s where I now live with my husband and furbabies.

My health journey began quite some time ago, mainly revolving around my lifelong battle with weight issues. While I didn’t classify as “obese” until my mid-40s, I’ve struggled with body image and discomfort for most of my life. 

My path to better health wasn’t a direct or swift one; more like a long and winding road. I worked with a nutritionist in my late 20s, discovered a program offering nutrition and exercise recommendations based on my body type in my early 40s, and eventually engaged a certified health coach in my mid-50s. Each step in this journey brought me closer to improved health.

Along the way, I learned which types of foods to avoid, which to focus on, discovered the types of exercises and fitness routines my body responds to best, and developed a greater awareness of my body’s signals. 

Yet, there was still something missing. I grappled with health issues that were holding me back from enjoying my favorite outdoor activities, wondering why I started losing my hair in my 20’s, and just feeling like my body was aging too fast. I had no clue that these issues were directly related to how my body responds to my nutrition, environment, and inconsistent sleep patterns.

In 2019, I stumbled upon the world of nutrigenomics, which combines the science of genetics and findings of nutritional research and peer reviewed studies. 

Through DNA testing, I uncovered my unique genetic health variants and the nutrients that could best support them. This new approach allowed me to tailor my health regimen to my specific nutritional needs, eliminating the guesswork of what supplements would actually support my body where it needs it most without wasting time and money on ones I don’t need.

Nutrigenomics has taught me just how unique each one of us is, and why we sometimes respond quite differently to the same things.

The DNA test I chose also provided me with user-friendly, detailed reports and a personalized custom nutritional formula based on my unique genetic variants. 

This approach beautifully merges genetics with nutrition, offering a custom, high quality solution for less than what I would easily spend buying off-the-shelf products that often contain low quality ingredients, fillers, and binders.

The impact on my life since I started taking my personalized supplement has been so significant that I can’t imagine ever being without it.

That’s why I now recommend that everyone who is serious about taking control of their health journey include genetic testing, and consider a personalized foundational supplement to support those findings.

My Values & Beliefs

My Values

Integrity, respect, and honesty are paramount to me, both in my business and personal life. It’s not just something I do; it’s who I am. If you work with me or are affiliated with me in any way, you can expect nothing less than these three values. That’s why I only promote products and services that I’ve personally used and endorsed based on my own experience or that of others I personally know and trust.

My Beliefs

I don’t believe that there is any such thing as a “silver bullet” or “magic” pill. As amazing as the benefits of having my personalized formula supplement has and continues to be, I understand that with it I am covering my foundational nutritional needs. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t, or won’t, have any additional needs. For example, I recently discovered that because I am genetically predisposed to having a lot of issues detoxing, I needed to add something to help facilitate that. I also learned that there are specific herbal blends that are helping me feel better in the post-menopausal stage of my menstrual phases. Because of what I have learned about nutrition and my genetics and the importance of clean, high quality, natural ingredients, I do my homework before subscribing to any product.

My Favorites

When it comes to nutrigenomics, I was so impressed that I partnered with this company so that I could help others get a solid start on their health journey with their own DNA health test, multiple reports filled with invaluable nutritional and lifestyle information, and personalized nutritional formula based on their unique genetics.

And when I go searching for clean label, high quality products to address or boost a specific area, I do more homework.

Watch for a new section, “My Favorite Things”, where I’ll share the products and services I have found helpful in my own health journey.

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