Success Stories

In their own words

Success Stories

In their own words

Success Stories

In their own words

“I’ve been using your customized DNA nutritional program and was blown away by the results. The test showed that I had certain mutations linked to cardiovascular and liver health, which I wasn’t aware of before.

However, the testing provided me with valuable information and an individualized nutritional supplement, all based on my DNA, which has helped me improve my health significantly.

My cholesterol, blood pressure, and liver enzymes are all now within normal ranges – something I’ve been struggling with for years.

I highly recommend this DNA testing and customized nutrition program to anyone looking to take control of their health. Thanks to this program, I’m feeling better than ever!

T. Domina


Throughout my adult life, I’ve dealt with intermittent high blood pressure. It was a problem that I had to face during my physical examination to join the Air Force when my blood pressure readings were high. Fortunately, after being monitored for two weeks, the doctor noticed that my BP was usually normal, with only occasional spikes, and allowed me to join.

Fast forward 30 years, and my doctor was puzzled by another high blood pressure reading. After examining my records, he discovered that my blood pressure had been erratic, with no discernible pattern. Despite conducting numerous tests, no underlying issue was detected. My doctor’s advice was to maintain a healthy weight and not worry too much about it.

Everything changed when I started taking my custom supplement, based on my DNA. Over the following months, one thing stood out: my blood pressure readings were all within the normal range, with very little variability. Since then, my blood pressure has consistently been in the normal range.

Chris C.

Meteorologist (Ret)

The first time I heard Sarah talking about personalized supplements based on our DNA I was extremely interested but also apprehensive, partly because of the cost. However I know that not all supplements are created equal and most over the counter options are stuffed with fillers, which defeat the purpose.

Ironically, that week I went into the doctor for my physical and received extremely scary lab test results. My cholesterol was at a very dangerous level and at that moment I knew that I couldn’t put a price on my health, and did not want to be dependent on prescription medication.

I asked my doctor for some time to get things under control myself before discussing a prescription. He gave me 3 months.

The first call I made was to Sarah.

We ordered my tests, did my swab and within 2 weeks we got my results.

Sarah was amazing! She took her time to discuss my results with me and made sure that I understood everything. To my surprise I had inherited a gene variation from both my mother and father that explained my extremely dangerous cholesterol levels.

Taking the custom supplements was an absolute no-brainer.

3 months went by of me taking my supplements consistently, and I went back to my doctor for follow up labs.

He called me with my results a few days later and I will NEVER forget his words! “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

My cholesterol is completely in normal range now! Plus, I know there is so much more goodness going on inside me that I can’t see and may never know about; the gratitude that I have for Sarah is endless!

Thank you, Sarah, for not keeping this a secret and not giving up on me!

Kim W.

Business Owner

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