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Are you over 40, looking for personalized solutions to optimize your well-being? Whether it’s supporting a thriving gut, maintaining a healthy weight, or achieving better detoxification, I’m here to help remove the guesswork.

Let’s hop on a call and discuss how tailored health solutions can empower you. Together, we’ll uncover the perfect regimen for your unique needs.

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DNA Personalized Supplements

One-size-fits-all vitamins and supplements are outdated, and the future of health lies in DNA-personalized supplements.

Women's Health Considerations

Explore the powerful impact of cellular health, a balanced gut microbiome, personalized nutrition, and hormone support and how they can help you overcome common obstacles and unlock your path to optimal health.

Why It’s Crucial to Focus on Your Health as You Get Older

Let’s face it… unless you’re a teenager, NO ONE wants to to get older. As adults we all know EVERYONE will. The difference is HOW we each age. And that is something we have a lot of control over.

Aging is a transformative journey that requires attention and care. By embracing your distinctive genetic makeup and delving into the intricacies of your DNA, you can unlock valuable insights into your overall health.

This knowledge empowers you to make informed choices concerning your lifestyle, fitness, diet, and even supplements and products tailored to your specific needs.

Nurturing your health goes beyond physical well-being; it encompasses your mental and emotional state, too. By prioritizing your health, especially as a woman, you can actively navigate the changes that come with aging, sustain your vitality, and enhance your overall quality of life, allowing you to continue doing all of the things you enjoy for as long as possible.

Remember: Knowledge is Power!

DNA-personalized supplements are tailored specifically to your unique genetic variants

Just the like the foundation of your home is the most important part of the structure, we provide the nutrients your body needs for a strong, solid health foundation. 

By using our simple at-home DNA swab test kit you can have your genetic makeup analyzed to determine exactly which vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients YOUR body needs to support it, where it needs it the most… at it’s foundation.

This is a game-changer because unlike traditional supplements, DNA-personalized supplements provide you with precisely what your body requires, in clinical doses based on numerous peer reviewed studies. So you get what you need, in the accurate quantities needed, and not nothing you don’t. And no binders or fillers. 

This ensures that you get the maximum benefit with no guesswork, no trial and error, and no wasted time and money.

Want to Start Taking Control of Your Health?

Whether you want to manage your weight, improve your energy levels, or promote a specific area of health, our DNA-personalized supplement can be your partner in achieving your desired health outcomes.

By knowing precisely which nutrients your body needs at its core, you can customize your supplement, exercise, and diet plan to support your unique health and wellness goals.


1. Personalized Nutrition

Our company tests for nutritionally actionable genes, so you can be sure that your supplement is designed specifically for your body’s needs.

2. Affordable for You and Your Family

Our DNA-customized supplement won’t break the bank, coming in at just $149/month on subscription with free shipping included.

3. Privacy Is A Top Priority

Your DNA is tested in a HIPAA-compliant, CLIA-certified, and CAP-accredited lab.

4. Your Information Is Safe

We don’t store or sell your DNA data to third parties.

5. Our supplement ingredients are third-party tested and compounded in the USA

This can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re getting a high-quality product.

6. Should I continue my current supplements alongside my custom supplement?

It varies. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Generally, there’s no need to increase your intake of any ingredient already present in your custom supplement. However, if your healthcare provider suggests taking something additional to address a specific health concern, you can continue it alongside your custom supplement, or a duplicate ingredient if they recommend you take more. 

For example, if your custom formula includes 250mg of an ingredient, but your provider wants you to have 500mg per day, take the additional 250mg to make up the difference.

Success Stories

“I’ve been using your customized DNA nutrition program and was blown away by the results.

The test and reports showed that I had certain mutations linked to cardiovascular and liver health, which I wasn’t aware of before….

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T. Domina, RN

Throughout my adult life, I’ve dealt with intermittent high blood pressure. It was a problem that I had to face during my physical examination to join the Air Force when my blood pressure readings were high.

After being monitored for two weeks…

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Chris C.


The first time I heard Sarah talking about personalized supplements based on our DNA I was extremely interested but also apprehensive, partly because of the cost. However I know that not all supplements are created equal and most over the counter options are stuffed with fillers…

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Kim W.

Business Owner

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